Fintech startups are on a quest to revolutionize finance and how people and businesses use and manage their money. 通过解决财务问题和需求, Fintech startups are challenging banks and other financial companies through innovation across multiple financial segments and industries.

金融技术公司, 通常被称为金融科技公司, 通常专注于通过金融创新打破特定的商业模式. 依靠技术简化业务流程, reach wider audiences, 或者专注于特定的客户, they often come into competition against more traditional financial actors who used less efficient methods of conducting business.

因为他们是在一个钱是商品的行业里发展起来的, Fintech startups that implement successful new business models often reap large benefits very rapidly. Many companies in the list below have therefore raised large amounts of funds to develop promising models in a very short time if they have not already reached a large market and profitable operating margins.

In terms of the actual markets and financial segments being successfully tackled by Fintech companies, mg摆脱电子游戏可以注意到,许多初创公司都是数字银行, 也被称为“虚拟银行”或“新银行”. The success of this new type of bank seems to prove that the business model of banking without physical branches is gaining traction around the world.

许多其他金融服务和行业正受到影响, 包括保险(保险技术初创公司通常被称为“InsurTech”), payments, stockbroking, transaction processing, mortgage, and more.

In many cases, 金融技术的创新源自加密货币的诞生, 比如比特币和以太坊, and even more, 底层的区块链技术,允许它们去中心化和安全性. A number of startups use these new technologies to create more efficient ways of doing business by managing decentralized and secured financial ledgers at a fraction of the cost of previous technologies.

区块链技术是如何工作的. source

Of course, 因为美国市场比其他市场大得多,也更容易解决, it is no surprise to find American startups making up a large part of the top 30 in the world’s best-funded Fintech startups. However, 英国的创业公司也很有代表性, thanks to the traditional focus of the British economy on the financial industry and the City of London being one of the world’s top financial centers.

两家中国p2p借贷初创公司也上榜, 不过需要注意的是,这里只包括初创公司. China counts a number of other companies involved in payments and other financial services who are already publicly listed companies or part of some of the countries’ largest tech companies, 比如中国金融科技巨头, Ant Financial, 是阿里巴巴集团的一部分.

世界各地都是如此, 因为许多金融科技初创公司迅速获得成功, 他们也迅速达到了跨国公司的地位, 成为上市公司, or get acquired, 这反过来又使他们不再被视为初创公司. 许多成功的金融科技公司都处于这种情况, such as Paypal, 数字支付的先驱, 哪一个成了其中的一个 largest US tech companies.

Many 这里列出的30家创业公司已经在他们的国家很有名, 他们的产品和服务已达到广泛的客户基础. And all 它们中的一部分已经达到了“独角兽”的地位, that is to say, 估值超过10亿美元. One more proof that Fintech companies tend to be among the most successful and fastest-growing startups around the world.

要了解全球独角兽创业公司的完整名单,请下载mg摆脱电子游戏580独角兽创业公司 包含估值的文件, funds raised, known investors, websites link, descriptions, 每个公司的更多信息,


Without further ado, 以下是30家最受投资的金融科技初创公司的名单,以及每家公司的详细信息, 根据Crunchbase,该公司收到的资金总额, as of October 2020, in US $, British £, 人民币(兑换率为1,3043 £ per $, and 6,7444 CN¥/$), 连同一个直接链接到该公司的网站.

欲了解更多世界领先的创业公司信息,请查看mg摆脱电子游戏的系列文章 Top Startups.

Shortcuts to each startup

方便您在这个长列表中浏览, here are quick links to go directly to the details of any of the world’s top 30 Fintech startups. Be sure to also check the Top 10 Fintech startups summary after the list!

30. Marqeta

Marqeta logoIndustry: Cards Issuing & 处理-总资金:5.28亿美元

Marqeta provides a card issuing platform for companies to develop and manage their payments programs. 多亏了它的支付处理基础设施, a set of dedicated tools, and an open API, Marqeta允许公司创建定制的支付创新, experiences, and commercial uses, 用自己的卡片系统完成.


Website: marqeta.com

29. Coinbase

Coinbase logo行业:加密货币-总融资:5.47亿美元

Coinbase是一个数字货币交易所. It allows users, consumers, merchants, 以及买卖数字货币的交易员, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tezos, and many others. Coinbase允许用户创建比特币钱包, enabling them to buy and sell Bitcoins and other digital currencies by connecting them with their bank accounts. Thanks to its API, Coinbase also empowers developers and merchants to build their own applications and accept payments in digital currencies.


Website: coinbase.com

28. Dianrong

Dianrong logo行业:P2P借贷-总融资:5.49亿美元

点融网是一个p2p借贷的在线市场. It provides financial information and transaction-matching technology and services to individuals and small and medium-sized businesses to easily lend and borrow money. 多亏了它的技术基础设施, Dianrong allows to design and customize a wide array of borrowing and lending products and strategies.


Website: dianrong.com

27. Atom Bank

Atom Bank logo


原子银行是一个移动银行. 它只通过一个移动应用程序运行, 使其客户受益于其低成本模式,同时提供24/7在线支持. Atom Bank还提供一系列个人和企业银行产品.


Website: atombank.co.uk

26. WeLab

WeLab logo所属行业:数字银行-融资总额:5.81亿美元

WeLab是一家提供全方位服务的数字银行. 它允许个人开设银行账户,并通过手机管理资金, 以及一系列相关的创新金融服务. It notably proposes consumer financing solutions and virtual credit cards for individuals as well as lending solutions for businesses. WeLab在香港、中国和印尼设有不同的品牌.


Website: welab.co

25. PolicyBazaar

Policy Bazaar logo


PolicyBazaar是一个保险聚合器. 它允许用户比较健康保险, car insurance, two-wheeler insurance, 基于价格的旅游保险政策, quality, 以及主要的利益和解决方案的财务安全和有竞争力的回报.


Website: policybazaar.com

24. Carta

Carta logo所属行业:股权管理-总融资:6.28亿美元

Carta是一家专门从事资本表管理和估值软件的公司. 专注于种子期到上市前的初创公司和公司, 宪章允许他们和他们的创始人, employees, 和投资者一起管理股权, be it stocks, stock options, warrants, or derivatives, 通过一个单一的平台,实时跟踪谁在公司拥有什么.


Website: carta.com

23. Next Insurance

Next Insurance logo所属行业:商业保险-总资金:6.31亿美元

Next Insurance is an online insurance provider dedicated to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Thanks to its technology, Next Insurance通过消除代理人和额外费用提供有吸引力的价格, 以及快速索赔管理. It offers tailored insurance policies designed for professionals from a wide array of fields including, contractors, construction, fitness, cleaning, beauty, entertainment, education, and many more.


Website: next-insurance.com

22. Tradeshift

Tradeshift logo所属行业:交易处理-融资总额:6.61亿美元

贸易转移为供应链管理和支付提供了一个企业对企业的平台. 它允许各种规模的公司与他们的供应商联系, 提供电子发票, manage payments, 更快地获得产品. Thanks to Tradeshift, companies can work more easily and effectively across their supply chains and suppliers can better manage their orders, invoices, and cash flows.


Website: tradeshift.com

21. Jiedaibao

Jiedaibao logo行业:P2P网贷-总资金:CN¥4.5 Billion

借贷宝是一个p2p借贷市场. 通过其网上平台, 它允许个人和公司相互借贷, 帮助定义利率, 生成法律合同, 以及还款和到期日通知. Thanks to Jiedaibao, 借款人很容易偿还, extend, or write off their debts, 或从事调解和诉讼.


Website: jiedaibao.com

20. BGL Group

BGL Group logo


BGL集团是一家保险和家庭金融产品提供商. 追溯到1992年, BGL通过技术改进了其运营, 成为领先的保险和金融产品的数字分销商. 它还运营比价网站,包括comparthemarket.com和LesFurets.com in France.


Website: bglgroup.co.uk

19. Brex

Brex logo所属行业:企业信用卡-总融资:7.32亿美元

Brex is a company providing business credit cards and cash management accounts dedicated to technology companies. 多亏了它的金融平台, 英国退欧协议允许企业在上市时管理自己的财务, scale, and develop while dissociating the company’s finances from the founders’ personal credit scores and assets.


Website: brex.com

18. N26

N26 logo


N26手机银行平台. 它提供活期账户, fixed accounts, 以及其他银行服务,包括现金提取和存款, 国际转账, investment, and credit. N26直接或通过其子公司迎合欧盟的客户, 多亏了一个方便的移动应用程序.


Website: n26.com

17. Toast

Toast logo所属行业:销售点管理-总资金:9.02亿美元

Toast是一家专注于销售网点和基于云的餐厅管理的公司. 一个专门为餐厅设计的在线平台, 吐司提供了一个完整的解决方案,桌边和在线订单和支付, 厨房及员工管理, 后勤管理和报告, 以及员工工资管理.


Website: pos.toasttab.com

16. Revolut

Revolut logo


Revolut是一家数字银行. 它通过其数字平台提供许多银行和金融服务, 包括预付借记卡, currency exchange, 和点对点支付. 它允许客户支付和提取超过120种货币, 其中有26个是直接通过手机应用下载的.


Website: revolut.com

15. OakNorth

OakNorth logo


OakNorth provides credit analysis and monitoring solutions to credit institutions that lend to small and medium-sized businesses. 依靠机器学习, credit expertise, and big data, OakNorth allows banks and other financial institutions to work more efficiently and reduce risks. OakNorth还是英国领先的数字银行OakNorth Bank的母公司.


Website: oaknorth.com

14. AvidXchange

AvidXchange logo行业:交易处理-总资金:1美元.1 Billion

AvidXchange是一家专门从事应付账款的公司. 专门服务中型企业, 它通过发票自动化和支付处理平台进行操作, 帮助他们管理应付账款及与供应商的关系, 以及支付他们的费用.


Website: avidxchange.com

13. TransferWise

TransferWise logo

行业:转账-总资金:1美元.1 Billion

TransferWise是一家国际汇款服务公司. It provides customers, individuals, and businesses, an alternative to traditional means of 国际转账s at a lower cost thanks to their digital platform and fee structure than undercuts standard bank fees.


Website: transferwise.com

12. Lendinvest

LendInvest logo

行业:抵押贷款-总资金:1美元.3 Billion

LendInvest提供一个专注于房地产贷款和投资的在线市场. 它允许任何投资者进入各种资产类别, underwriting, 和众议院的投资, 以及房地产融资贷款等服务.


Website: lendinvest.com

11. Prodigy Finance

Prodigy Finance logo

所属行业:个人贷款-总资金:1美元.3 Billion

Prodigy Finance is a digital platform specialized in loans to international postgraduate students and refinancing. 允许接受高等教育, Prodigy Finance为150多个国家的学生提供贷款, 由校友社区资助, institutional investors, and private investors.


Website: prodigyfinance.com

10. Figure

Figure logo行业:抵押贷款-总资金:1美元.4 Billion

Figure为业主提供财务解决方案. 依靠区块链技术, 图中提出了一系列金融产品,包括房屋净值系列, mortgage refinancing, 和投资机会. Thanks to its technology, 图可以提供低利率和定制产品, 通过一个简单直观的在线应用程序.


Website: figure.com

9. Nubank

Nubank logo

行业:数字银行-总资金:1美元.4 Billion

Nubank是一家提供支付解决方案的金融服务公司, 免费的信用卡, 以及对巴西客户的股权投资. Thanks to Nubank, 用户可以通过手机访问自己的账户, 直接管理他们的支付和资金转移.

国家:巴西-总部:São Paulo -成立时间:2013年

Website: nubank.com.br

8. Affirm

Affirm logo行业:消费贷款-总资金:1美元.5 Billion

Affirm is a company specialized in providing installment loans to consumers at the point of sale. It helps shoppers pay for their purchases across multiple months while increasing conversion and basket size for online merchants. 这样做,Affirm也使消费者更容易获得金融服务.


Website: affirm.com

7. Chime

Chime logo行业:数字银行-总资金:1美元.5 Billion

Chime is a digital bank that provides financial services without overdraft or maintenance bank fees. 通过移动应用程序或网站运营, Chime提出了一系列的支出, savings, 和credit-building账户, 以及针对个人的移动银行和数字支付解决方案. 因为它不收取服务费, Chime的商业模式依赖于向商家收取交易费.


Website: chime.com

6. Judo Bank

Judo Bank logo

所属行业:商业银行-融资总额:1美元.5 Billion

柔道银行是一家以中小企业为重点的银行和贷款机构. 依靠其在线平台和专注的关系经理团队, 柔道银行致力于提供量身定制的金融解决方案, 提供完全适合每个中小企业需要的商业贷款.


Website: judo.bank

5. Avant

Avant logo

所属行业:个人贷款-总资金:1美元.6 Billion

Avant专门提供个人贷款. 依靠大mg摆脱电子游戏和机器学习算法, Avant的金融服务市场提供了一种定制和简化的信贷方式, 允许其用户找到解决方案来巩固他们的债务, 支付他们的费用或假期.


Website: avant.com

4. Stripe

Stripe logo行业:支付处理-总资金:1美元.6 Billion

Stripe是一个在线支付处理系统. It provides a developer platform for businesses to accept online payments and infrastructure for applications such as crowdfunding and marketplaces, fraud prevention, analytics to start, run, 并在网上扩大业务规模.


Website: stripe.com

3. Klarna

Klarna logo行业:支付处理-总资金:2美元.1 Billion

Klarna是一个提供电子商务支付解决方案的平台. 充当商人和购物者的银行, Klarna提供一系列支付解决方案, including direct payments, 货到付款选项, 还有为购物者提供无息融资选择的分期付款计划. Originating from Sweden, Klarna has expanded to a number of European countries and the United States.


Website: klarna.com

2. Robinhood

Robinhood logo所属行业:股票经纪-总资金:2美元.2 Billion

Robinhood是一家提供免佣金投资的股票经纪公司. 通过网站和手机应用进行运营, 罗宾汉允许个人买卖股票, ETFs, options, 加密货币是免费的. 还提供现金账户管理, Robinhood’s business model is based on interest earned from customer’s balances and margin lending.


Website: robinhood.com

1. SoFi

SoFi logo

Industry: Personal Loans & 投资-总资金:$2.5 Billion

SoFi – Social Finance – is a finance company providing a range of lending and wealth management services. 特别是迎合年轻的专业人士, SoFi helps them to save, spend, 无论他们是否打算买房,都要借钱投资, 节省学生贷款, grow in their careers, or invest in the future.


Website: sofi.com


让你快速了解一下2020年世界上最大的金融科技初创公司, 以下是一张综合图片,重新组合了前10名的信息. Note that you can use this image to embed it on your website and other digital properties using the embed code below.


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The world's 2020年十大金融科技初创企业

以下是全球30家最具资金实力的金融科技初创公司. Did we forget any? 你从他们那里买过产品或服务吗? 你认为哪一家提供最有用的产品或服务? 请在下面的评论中告诉mg摆脱电子游戏!

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